Central impresses in St. Joe jamboree

By Phil Irvin and Ross Martin St. Joseph News-Press
Posted: August 18, 2012 - 6:22 AM

Tyree Mayfield didn’t want to step off the Spratt Stadium turf.

Not after Central’s defense had allowed Lafayette in the end zone once already during the final and decisive quarter of the City Football Jamboree. Not with thousands of fans keyed on Central’s matchup with the Fighting Irish to decide the long-running event’s 56th champion, even if for the third time the winner would be unofficial.

A series of Central penalties caused confusion as to how many of Lafayette’s 12 plays had been run in the third and final quarter of the preseason scrimmage. Enough went off to send Indians coach Jeff Wallace on the field to question the officials.

Mayfield, a junior defensive end, waved his coach back to the sideline.

“I just strapped it up, lined up and got ready to go again,” Mayfield said. “We would’ve stayed out there all night if we could’ve.”

Thanks to Mayfield and his defensive comrades, Central preserved a 6-6 tie with the Fighting Irish on the final play.

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