Intern Insight: Michael Admire 6/14

Michael Admire

By Michael Admire former PrepsKC Intern
Posted: June 14, 2011 - 2:47 PM

A year and half ago, Dion Clisso and I sat in a coffee shop and talked about PrepsKC. To me, PrepsKC was a new idea, something out of the box, but to him it was a well-organized and genius idea. He recognized the lack of high school football coverage for the Kansas City area and tackled it in the open field.


I started my internship with PrepsKC last fall during its inaugural season. I joined the PrepsKC staff as an intern because I believe in the product and I believed in the leaders of the company providing the product.


It took just a few short hours for the rest of the PrepsKC staff to make me feel welcome. Every single person who is a part of PrepsKC loves Kansas City high school football, but more importantly they love sports journalism. This combination finally gave Kansas City what its needed all along, unbiased, dedicated journalist covering high school football. In real meaning it is “The ultimate high school football coverage.”


Not only does PrepsKC have a wonderful staff, but they love to throw their interns into the fire. I got the chance to roam the sidelines at some of the best matchups under those Friday Night Lights. As an intern you will get the chance to do podcast interviews, be a part of the radio show, and potentially more and more as PrepsKC continues to grow.


PrepsKC is also teamed up with Fox 4 to provide weekly TV updates online at This partnership led me into a summer internship at Fox 4. At Fox 4 I've added to my experience's that PrepsKC provided but also felt more prepared due to the internship at PrepsKC.


If you are a student in the Kansas City area and you are trying to get your foot in the door, PrepsKC is the perfect place to get started. Whether you are in high school or college this internship is the start that all people need when getting off the ground in this difficult business. You will be in good hands with PrepsKC and their experienced staff.


A lot has happened since Dion and I sat down in the coffee shop, but thanks to the experience and help I got from PrepsKC will be priceless while I am on the search for a job in sports journalism.


Michael Admire was an intern for PrepsKC last year. During high school he played football at Lee’s Summit West and recently graduated from Pittsburg State University.


For information on becoming a PrepsKC intern click here.