Coach's Corner: Amanda Applebee 5/2

Amanda Applebee

By Amanda Applebee wife of Mill Valley Head Coach Joel Applebee
Posted: May 2, 2011 - 10:15 AM

All I knew at 22 was that I was in love with and about to marry the man of my dreams. Yes, I knew he coached football, however, at that time I had no idea what exactly being a football coach’s wife was all about. Ready or not, I was soon to find out.


Like many football coaches, my now husband of eight football-filled years started out as an assistant high school football coach. He absolutely loved his job and of course I absolutely loved him, regardless of the many nights he would get home after dark or better yet, after I was asleep. I quickly learned that there was not a “closing time” on coaching football. Practice may have ended for the players however according to my husband “a coach’s job is never done.”


Being a young assistant coach, my husband eagerly took on many behind the scene duties of a coach, one of which was making the weekly motivational highlight film. This job entitled him to go back up to the high school at 10 p.m. many Thursday nights to finish editing that week’s film. I can remember tagging along to keep him company at the high school late at night. It wasn’t the most exciting two hours I would spend, but I never told him that. I was just happy to be with him.


Seven years, three high schools and two baby boys later, my husband began living his dream when he became a head high school football coach at Mill Valley. Over those seven years I had learned a lot about being married to a football coach. Most of all, I had learned that communication is a must, being supportive is important and of course, that weekends are always better after a win on Friday night.


It was not until my husband became a head coach that I really truly realized that it is always football season no matter what season it is outside. My husband begins his day before school with a zero hour lifting class and ends the school day with off-season conditioning.


Depending on the night or weekend he may have anything from coach’s clinics to junior football meetings to parent meetings to coach’s meetings to event meetings to film sessions – you name it and it’s probably been on his calendar.


His summers are filled with weights and conditioning, passing and receiving camps, padded camps, skills camps, 7-on-7 games and more meetings. Football “season” is of course the highlight of the year, but needless to say it is more than a Friday night affair. There are seven fully scheduled days leading up to game night and win or lose it starts all over again the following day. But here’s the thing, he absolutely loves every minute of it. And loving him, I have learned to love it too.


Believe me, this coaching thing took a lot of time and a lot of adjusting for me to get used to, but eventually it just became a way of life. I will never forget the feeling I had on the Friday night of my husband’s first game as head coach. When I was sitting in the stands with our two boys right beside me cheering on their daddy’s team I can remember feeling proud, nervous, excited, nauseous, anxious, and happy – all because I was the coach’s wife.


Amanda Applebee is the wife of Mill Valley Head Coach Joel Applebee.