View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 3/25

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: March 25, 2011 - 4:05 PM

Every offseason you see a lot of coaching changes and this year has been no different. Whatever the reason for the change every year you see a coach leave one head coaching position for another. How those coaches leave reflects on them as a person.

The way coaching changes are handled is why high school football is my favorite sport. Another sport I follow could learn a few things from people in high school football. All you have to do is see how one coach left for another school in college basketball to see that things are a little out of control at that level.

As coaching changes have come about in high school football this season I have had contact with people on all sides of the issue. From the administrators, to coaches who are leaving the jobs to those who have earned new head coaching positions the one thing that I have seen is an attempt to keep the whole proceeding above board.

These people have tried to make sure the changes are handled with the utmost respect to the players and the program not wanting information leaked or released that might cause more questions than answers.

If only former Missouri basketball coach Mike Anderson had the same respect for his players and the program he was leaving Tiger basketball fans might be feeling a little different. With statements to the press and his players that he wasn’t going anywhere followed by misinformation leaked by his agent then a day ducking reporters when he returned to Columbia to say goodbye like a thief in the night, the whole event was classless.

I know from my experience with coaching changes on the high school football level not once did I hear from an agent or hear of a coach getting one offer, going back to the school he worked at to get another offer and then end up leaving anyway.

While it is easy to be mad when some pits two employers against each other that isn’t even the worse part. The lying is what people don’t forget. Anderson lied to the media when asked about the Arkansas job two weeks ago. Even as he was lying he was indignant about the question. That still isn’t the worst part because in our society lying to the media, even though it is a lie, is accepted.

No the absolute bottom is the lying to his players. As late as Monday evening Anderson told his leading scorer Marcus Denmon he wasn’t leaving. Then two days later he sat right front of him and the rest of the team and told them he was leaving.

Coaching is a profession on every level where you are supposed to be the leader and teacher of men and women. Unfortunately on many levels it is about grabbing the most money and making yourself happy no matter whom you have to lie to along the way.

I’m just glad high school football coaches don’t have agents.

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