Coach's Corner: Harold Wambsgans 3/13

Harold Wambsgans

By Harold Wambsgans retired Lee's Summit North Head Coach
Posted: March 13, 2011 - 9:53 AM

The greater the number of players on a football team who are self-motivated, the greater the opportunity for the team’s success.

Here are a few thoughts on coaching you players to become self-motivated:

1.       Remind them: No one can make you have a great attitude. Having a bad or good attitude each day is your choice.

2.       Explain to them: At the end of the day take a mirror test. Look into the mirror and ask the question: Did I do today all that I could do to help our team succeed?

3.       Remind them: Their body language after something bad happens speaks as loud as their words. Point out negative body language on game and practice tape.

4.       Show them: Get your hands on a clip of No. 1 men’s tennis player Rafael Nadal playing a match. What a great example of focus, intensity, physical condition, competitive attitude and the “eye of the tiger.”

However, coaches know that it is sometimes necessary to practice forced motivation with players.

Harold Wambsgans is a retired head football coach who spent time at Shawnee Mission East, Shawnee Mission West, Lee’s Summit and Lee’s Summit North in his 40 plus years as a coach.