Coach Profile: Basehor's Steve Hopkins 1/27

Steve Hopkins

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: January 27, 2011 - 1:29 PM

Basehor-Linwood Coach Steve Hopkins has seen a little of everything in his coaching career. The Bobcats head coach has been a long-time assistant, coached his son, run a successful program in Missouri and now he is building another successful program in Kansas.

The veteran coach began his career as a teacher and assistant at Warrensburg. He then moved to Harrisonville and finally to Blue Springs where he spent 16 years. In that time at Blue Springs he also had the opportunity to take two years away from the Wildcats to assist at Harrisonville while his son was playing high school football.

In all of those years as an assistant Hopkins learned many things that has made him a successful head coach at Odessa from 1999-2003 and Basehor-Linwood since 2004. Hopkins said he just tries to makes kids better and help them understand what they can learn from the game of football.

“Helping Kids learn to be part of a team and to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve team success is a daily emphasis,” Hopkins said. “We do understand kids (and often their parents) have personal goals, but we ask them to set those aside for the team, and those life lessons are the most important thing we do each day. In every drill, we are asking kids to compete hard, and yet, to respect that teammate who is working beside them, to mentor younger athletes, and to grow up as a young man.”

Hopkins has coached on both sides of the state line and said there are differences that affect the building of a program.

“In Missouri, the greater freedom to work with your athletes in the offseason, summer football in pads, camps, etc. puts Kansas kids significantly behind as far as their high school skill development. “That is something we are working hard to change in Kansas through our coaching association and KSHSAA.

“Still, we all have good athletes, and wherever they are as far as skill development, when they begin playing, our job is to help them improve and reach their goals.”