View From the Press Box: 2/4

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: February 5, 2019 - 1:40 AM

We are more than four months away from the 27th annual Kansas vs. Missouri All-Star Game but it’s always fun to think about the great players that will take the field.

For almost three decades the game put on by the Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association has seen some of the best high school football players have taken time out of their summer to represent their state in what is a great event for football fans in the Metro.

Starting with the fourth game in 1994 it has been played during the third week of June and hasn’t moved in more than two decades. It’s a great event that everyone can circle on the calendar year in and year out.

There are other all-star games in both Missouri and Kansas. Missouri has had the Lions’ All-Star Game for the last 42 years and it is usually held in July. Kansas has the Shrine game that has also been held in July. Both are great events and do great things each year honoring football players in each state.

This year the Shrine game has moved to June 8 and will be played in Dodge City. This puts it in direct conflict for players in the Metro who would be selected and would want to play in the GKCFCA game have to choose.

The past few years the Shrine bowl has featured players from the Metro. The number is usually in the 5-7 range but this year the initial roster of selected (not committed just selected) was close to 20. I find it odd the year the game is moved in direct conflict with the Kansas City game suddenly Metro players make up almost a third of the roster.

The Shrine game is a great event. It does a lot for the state and the communities it serves. I am in know way against what that game means and want it to continue as long as it can.

With all of that the people in charge have made a decision that puts players in a bad spot. I know players selected are honored to be a part of either game. Now because of a bad decision by adults’ high school players must now choose.

It’s unfortunate that this has happened. Let’s just hope it is only a one-year situation and the leaders of the Shrine bowl will adjust their schedule, so it is not in conflict with the GKCFCA game going forward.