View From the Press Box: 10/10

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: October 10, 2018 - 7:07 PM

Two weeks remain in the regular season for all of Missouri and classes 4A-6A in Kansas. Then it’s time to break out the brackets and head for the playoffs.

Again, this year each state does its seeding a little different. Missouri has had the same point system for the past seven seasons. While there are some weird finishes every year for the most part teams that play tougher competition are rewarded even if they have a loss here or there.

Kansas uses win-loss record followed by points accumulated in a +/- 13 basis based on margin of victory or defeat. No matter what your schedule rack up the wins and you are sitting pretty. Win your games big and you are even better.

I never thought I would say this back in 2012 but the points system seems to be a little fairer. Even though it is harder than it sounds you can’t schedule your way to a top seed. Play your games and the teams you beat will either lift you up or drag you down.

The Missouri side always has some districts that are stronger than others and then there are the super tough districts where it seems like every team can win at least one game and the winner of the district is very much in doubt when the postseason begins.

That is what it was designed to do. In those areas where there were several good teams. Taking half of the teams in a four-team district left good teams on the sidelines. Now everyone has a chance to prove they belong.

The Kansas seeding splits the 32 teams in half by geography and then seeds 1-16. That makes it very hard on teams that struggle to have a shot in first round games. It’s not perfect and maybe one day Kansas will spit into 8 team districts and then seed like Missouri. I don’t if it will happen, but I think that is a change that might make things a little more equitable.

My favorite playoff format would be eight-team districts where with a true round robin. Take the top four teams based on record and points. That way everyone has a chance to play head to head and decide it. Non-conference games wouldn’t affect playoff positioning, so you could see some interesting matchups.

I don’t know if that would ever happen but that’s what I like. Either way the postseason is still fun, and it will be here before you know it.