After Further Review: Cole Young 9/14

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: September 14, 2017 - 9:12 AM


The other night I was headed to Pembroke Hill for the Raiders game against Center.

After covering high school football since 2003, it hit me that Pembroke Hill was one of a handful of stadiums I hadn’t made it to in 15 seasons.

What that does mean though is I’ve had a chance to visit close to 100 football stadiums, something I’ve been lucky to do. That’s included Saturday Class 1 playoff games in Princeton, Mo. and Rockhurst vs. Blue Springs South games on ESPN.

Additionally, it made me realize that for the casual high school football fan they probably haven’t visited many stadiums that their own team hasn’t participated in. And that’s too bad.

With a couple months of football left, fans should make it their personal mission to pick a week when their squad has a long road trip or a game they should win (or lose) handily and find a game or venue that’s intriguing.

You can go to somewhere like Grain Valley or Park Hill for another sport, but you aren’t going to see a community shine like they do on a football Friday night.

I think the thing that stands out to me is at every stadium there’s something that stands out to me.

There’s also lots of places that remind me of each other. Kearney and Blue Valley are 50 miles apart, but interchange the black and purple and they feel almost the same on Friday nights. Every kid in school find a way to get there.  

So, pick a Friday night or find a team playing on a Saturday and try out another football experience, you just might find something you can bring to your own football stadium.