After Further Review: Cole Young 10/17

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: November 17, 2016 - 4:56 PM

I’ve long held the belief that the eight days that start this Saturday and go until the Saturday following Thanksgiving are the best days of the year—at least from a sports perspective.

It all starts with the state semifinals on Saturday, then a week of great basketball games, capped off by the state championships. Oh yeah and don’t forget the best eating holiday of the year.

This year those days expand one extra day with the Class 6 and 8-Man games on Friday.

I’m anxious to see how the decision to move the Missouri state titles games away from the dome pans out. From my perspective I can’t see how it could be a bad thing.

For starters, taking away a random bye week during the playoffs for the Class 6 and 8-Man is a good thing. The only thing that would make it better in my opinion is to let the teams play a 10 week schedule and start the playoffs a week later so they finished on Thanksgiving weekend as well.

In terms of the 8-Man games, I think it’s worth letting the member schools vote on a location. Missouri Western and Northwest Missouri State both would provide more feasible locations than Columbia.

There is another obvious benefit to moving these games up a week. Adjusting the schedule frees up the schedule a bit both days of the state championship in Springfield. After games and pregame routines following such a tight routine it’s certainly not ideal to be ready to play for a state championship at 7 p.m. only to find out kickoff is going to be 7:15, no 7:40, no 7:52 p.m.

Hopefully, by having just two games on Friday and three on Saturday will alleviate those problems, allowing all teams to put their best products on the field.