After Further Review: Cole Young 10/16

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: October 17, 2016 - 6:40 PM

After hours of pounding the refresh button on the MSHSAA website, teams found out on Saturday exactly what their path to a state championship would look like.

And unlike some years where the opening round of district play was nothing but blowouts, this year has the potential for some great Week 10 matchups.

Here’s a few thoughts on the district tournaments that start this week:


1 vs. 8 upset special- Maybe it’s local bias, but it seems feasible that Lee’s Summit North, a No. 8 seed, could pull an upset on Kickapoo. Even as a top seed, the Chiefs haven’t played the same level of competition.

Either way, the winner of this one gets to face the Rockhurst/Park Hill winner.


Loaded District Pt. 1-  There isn’t a team in Class 2 District 8 with less than four wins. In fact, seventh seeded Higginsville is above .500. Typically, with districts like this we get all excited about the chances of a six or seventh seed figuring out a way to pull off a district title and make a Cinderella run. Instead, what usually happens is the entire district follows seed and the top ranked team advances.


Loaded District Pt. 2-  I won’t get into the science of how your point total number is figured to determine district rankings. Just know this, if you can get 48 points, you should like your chances to be a No. 1 seed. That is unless you are in Class 3 District 8.

Chillicothe has 49.73 points. How were they rewarded? A third seed. At 8-1, the Hornets sit behind undefeated Richmond and Maryville.

With Maryville as the top seed and Richmond just behind them, a district championship of these two teams could be fun. While in the same district, they don’t have a common opponent.


Who will I be keeping a close eye on? Harrisonville, Lee’s Summit and William Chrisman

The middle part of Harrisonville’s season confuses me. They lose to what we ultimately have realized is a very good Platte County team. Add to that they had 25 turnovers (OK, not really, but head Coach Brent Maxwell had to think it felt like that) against the Pirates and that loss makes sense. It’s the next two weeks when they had losses as well that’s a head scratcher. That said, the Wildcats rallied down the stretch and have a top seed.

Lee’s Summit suffered a rough loss to Lee’s Summit West. I’m curious to see how they rebound. The biggest obstacle they face this week could be the confidence Raymore-Peculiar gained beating Blue Springs last week, albeit a bruised and battered Wildcat squad.

William Chrisman, man, sometimes football just isn’t fair. The Bears are having a great year, finishing the season 8-1. And in any other district they would either be the top seed or second seed. However, because of the MSHSAA rule that a team can leapfrog you if they are one spot behind you and have the head to head win, they fall to No. 3 in their district and will go on the road to face Fort Osage, the one team that beat them all season. That said, if the Bears want to be the man, they have to beat that man. And for the next two weeks, Fort Osage is the man.