After Further Review: Cole Young 10/1

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: October 1, 2016 - 9:48 AM

As we reach the home stretch of another football season, the realists out there are starting to figure out exactly what kind of team they may be rooting for, playing for or coaching.

Fact is, not every one of these teams is going to make a deep playoff run. In fact, only a few will make a deep trip into November and half the players in the state will turn in their equipment on Halloween.

We all know the ultimate prize is hoisting a trophy on Thanksgiving weekend, that’s a given.

What’s important though is also soaking in those other moments that make high school football and everything around it so special.

There have already been a few I’ve witnessed this year and there’s several more to come.

Here’s a few that come to mind.

The truly “big” games. We all know the games I’m talking about. It’s the ones that have dad’s thinking about it all day at work. The games that are cause of a pep rally during the final period of the day. Games like Rockhurst vs. Shawnee Mission East and Oak Grove vs. Odessa.

There’s a special feel to those games and in small towns, both towns show up in droves.

Missouri will be treated to one of those types of games this weekend when Lamar travels to take on Valle. The two small-class powerhouses will face off this afternoon despite being on opposite sides of the state.

The moments of levity. Before Lee’s Summit West and Park Hill’s game last Friday they honored several military members. There were a handful of active military guys on the sideline. During the national anthem one of the junior RTOC groups carried the flags onto the field. Sometime during the process the America flag got caught on the top of the pole the young man was carrying, thus the flag didn’t get displayed as he hoped.

As he made his way to the sideline you could tell he was upset, especially with the active military folks watching. Just then one of the guys from the sideline came over to him, fixed his flag and put his arm around him letting him know that kind of stuff happens.

It was a moment that could have stuck with the student in a negative way, instead it was a positive experience, just like we want all high school activities to be.

The anxious moments. This one isn’t limited to just high school football. When you’re watching a game in person and you stop after a play (usually at the end of the game) and realize you are out of breath, it’s been a good moment. Maybe it’s a last second field goal when the kicking team has to run onto the field to kick the game-winner. Or a Hail Mary that gets converted.

If a play happens and it’s so loud around you that your ears hurt, you know it’s a big play.