After Further Review: Cole Young 9/14

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: September 15, 2016 - 2:12 PM

You’ll have to excuse us GKCFCA All-Star game, but this week’s slate of games may tell us who the real winner is when it comes to football bragging rights.

The schedule is loaded this week with games pitting similar programs from the Sunflower League against opponents in Missouri.

With all do respect to the other 10 games going on, none has the charm or excitement of Shawnee Mission East at Rockhurst.

Forget the fact they are both undefeated.

This game is a rivalry game. A real bragging rights game when you figure in the fact that in some cases these guys go to church together, may have gone to elementary school together and may live down the street from one another.

Rockhurst defensive lineman Kevin Crawford put it best, calling it a “social rivalry.”

And while it may not be a football rivalry (Rockhurst leads the series 8-3), it means a lot.

It means a lot to the fans.

It means a lot to the coaches (even though they won’t admit it.)

It even means a lot in my office in downtown Overland Park. Two guys who act like brothers, both with the joking and the harassing have been talking about the game for several weeks, despite the fact neither could probably name one player on either team. One went to East, the other Rockhurst.

It also means a lot to the players.

“It is going to be great,” Crawford said. “We’ve moved our homecoming up early for it. It’s going to be awesome. It’s a big social rival. Everyone is really excited.”

The Hawklets and the Lancers have played before in other sports, but haven’t played in football since 1982.

Add in the rivalry, homecoming and everything else and both Dustin Delaney and Tony Severino have their hands full keeping the players focused.

“We do it in basketball with them once a year and you would think it’s the biggest game in the world and it really doesn’t mean anything as far as standings or anything like that,” Severino said.

Regardless, it should be a festive atmosphere at Rockhurst on Friday.

And a game where perhaps the bragging rights could last well beyond the final whistle.

“Ok, it’s a social thing but we need the win,” Severino said on keeping his team focused.  “You can go party with them all you want but you want to be the one who can say ‘Hey we beat you guys.’”