HOF Coach Profile: Southwest's Bill Robinson 7/23

By PrepsKC staff
Posted: July 30, 2016 - 10:47 AM

After graduating from the University of Iowa, Bill Robinson began his career by coaching 6-man football, track, girls and boys basketball, and baseball.

From 1957-1979 he led the football program at Southwest High School to an overall record of 129-65-18;  which included 10 league championships, an undefeated season in 1968, and a state championship in 1972. He received the Cecil Patterson Award in 1977 and the Knute Rockne Award in 1966 and 1972. He was awarded Interscholastic Coach of the Year five times, and numerous Coach of the Year awards from city, philanthropic, and local media organizations. He was inducted into the Missouri Coaches Hall of Fame in 1992.

As a toddler, his right arm was permanently paralyzed by polio. He never played a single down of football, but he had a deep understanding and love of the game, and his calm nature brought out the best in his players.

Bill Robinson passed away in 1999.