View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 7/17

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: July 30, 2016 - 10:06 AM

It’s been another great summer of football. While most may still think of football as a fall sport some of the best time to get to know players and teams is during the summer.

Starting about June 1, or a little before, teams begin with team camps, summer workouts, 7-on-7 and individual skill contests.

This summer was no different. I was able to get out and see more than 50 teams doing everything from passing drills to linemen challenges. Throw in some great team vs. team competition and you got to see just how far players and teams have come in the last six or seven months.

I enjoy the laid back atmosphere at most events but the competitive side of teams come out in 7-on-7 and the great team linemen competitions.

Those events are great but nothing is won in the summer. While most teams and players get the concept that summer is for getting better, others have a hard time turning off the I must win on every play switch. That is a good thing for Friday nights but sometimes tempers can run hot on some brutal summer days.

With all that in mind it’s good to remember that no games are won or lost in June or July. I hope everyone stayed healthy, enjoyed the team building and got a little better along the way.


Now let’s get ready for the season.