After Further Review: Cole Young 5/31

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: June 2, 2016 - 9:58 AM

I spent Sunday afternoon at a graduation party with members of my family and extended family.

While I partook in a delightful taco bar and other graduation fare, the same question kept coming up, “What’s the Royals’ score?”

The people who were asking me this weren’t what I’d call avid fans. But person after person kept talking about the Royals. Mentioning they were listening on the radio on the way to the party, lamenting their recent losing streak and so on.

These were people who weren’t even sure who the manager was two or three years ago.

So what does this have to do with high school football?

The constant talk of baseball on the fan base, the fact my mom can tell me the Royals score each day, just the overall buzz, has a feeling similar to that of a community where a football team has things rolling.

Similar to the mantra of the Royals keeping the line moving, the success of football teams can keep the line moving but perhaps in a more macro way.

No senior class wants to be the one that shows regression. It reminds me of the book “Our Boys” by Joe Drape where he follows the football team in Smith Center, Kan. After years of winning state titles, no class in Smith Center wants to be the one who lets it all fall apart under its watch.

The success breeds success though. That buzz that the old ladies and 10 year olds feel about the Royals is the same buzz that pushes kids to play little league and junior high football. It’s what gets the top Class 1 teams to get 50 plus kids out for football when there are only 85 boys in the school.

The magical feeling that’s associated with a top tier baseball team or a top-tier high school program is something that should be cherished. It doesn’t last forever.