Coach Profile: Louisburg's Kyle Littrell 2/21

Kyle Littrell

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: February 22, 2016 - 9:33 AM

Louisburg has been one of the most consistent programs over the last decade. There have been some great years, like a state championship in 2010, and some average years but the program has always shown consistent success.

Head Coach Kyle Littrell has been a big part of that success first as an assistant and now as the head coach the last three seasons. Before coming to Louisburg Littrell was the head coach at Drexel, Mo. and currently has a 28-22 overall record.

Littrell took over the program from longtime head coach Gary Griffin in 2013. Griffin stepped down to be able to watch his son play college football. Griffin didn’t go too far as he stayed on the staff as an assistant coach. Littrell said Griffin has been a huge influence on his coaching career.

“Gary always seems to have the right answer about anything,” Littrell said. “He has taught me how to hold players accountable, when to get on them and when to support. Having Gary on the sidelines or the press box on Friday nights calms me down. A great friend of mine who I would go to war for.”

Coaching can be a tough profession that eats up a lot of time. Even with the strains it can place on a person Littrell said the rewards outweigh it all.

“I love most all parts of coaching football,” Littrell said. “First off, I love working with kids, I like to see the changes throughout the four-year period they are with us. How they learn concepts on the practice field and transfer them to the game field is really exciting. I absolutely love Sunday nights sitting in the coaches office and hammering out a game plan for the upcoming week.

“Everyone nowadays think that if you’re not the State Champ, then your season wasn't successful. I don't know how it got to be like that, but some of the best coaching jobs we have done as a staff have been with the 3-6 or 5-5 teams. I get just as much gratification out of those seasons.”

Football can be a complicated sport both mentally and physically. Littrell said his philosophy is very simple and he reinforces those principals every day.

“Work hard, play hard, respect your opponent and officials,” Littrell said. “We want to be a smash mouth football team offensively and a stingy fast defense.

“I only tell the kids three things in the locker room before we go out to the game field.......Out block, out tackle, and protect the football and we will be just fine. I think telling the kids too many things can backfire on you. If kids have too many things to think about, then their performance/reaction is going to be slower because they are thinking instead of just playing football.”