After Further Review: Cole Young 11/14

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: November 15, 2015 - 9:34 AM

After a season-ending loss to Harrisonville, the Center football team took a knee to listen to head coach Bryan DeLong and his staff address them.

A few tears were shed as DeLong thanked his seniors both for four years of hard work but also for putting together one of the best years the Yellowjackets have had in recent memory.

It’s a scene that’s been played out each of the last four weeks, from Louisburg to Lawson and all points in between.

While the focus for every team is on ending the season with a victory the weekend after Thanksgiving – and rightfully so—it’s also important to remember only one team in each class ends the year with a win.

And in the “everyone gets a trophy” society the following thought may come off this way, but it’s the truth: It’s possible to have a great season without winning the state title.

Some teams this season have done things for their program that will perhaps pay off in multiple wins in the future. The culture of winning that Belton established by doubling its win total from a year ago will pay off next season and in future seasons. The same could be said for Blue Valley North, Lawrence, St. James, Park Hill and Drexel.

At this point in the year some really, really good teams have already checked in their equipment.

If you are a player on one of those teams it may still hurt and that’s OK.

But for teams like Center that went down to an undefeated Harrisonville team that would lose this week or a squad like Blue Springs that came close to pulling off a district championship as a seventh seed, you’ll look back maybe by Christmas or maybe by Christmas in 2020 and realize this season was a job well done.