Coach's Corner: Tim Crone 9/30

Tim Crone

By Tim Crone
Posted: September 30, 2010 - 4:00 PM

I spent the entire past weekend covering football games. Friday night football produced an exciting game between Blue Springs High School and Lee’s Summit High School with the final score 69-42 - both solid football teams. Saturday I travelled with William Jewell College as they played Evangel. The score of that game was 28-25 Evangel over William Jewell; still a very good game. And last but not least, how about those Chiefs?! Kansas City was dominant over the 49’ers.


A common thread in all three of the victories was speed. Speed can determine the outcome of nearly any athletic contest. Without speed and quickness it is extremely difficult to compete.


It is important for all teams to improve and develop speed in order to reach a championship. You are never out of a game as long as you have skilled players who can take it to the house in one play.


In the Blue Springs-Lee’s Summit game, both teams were good teams with great offenses and played statistically even. The difference between victory and loss came down to overall team speed and depth of players - meaning that specialty team, etc. had players that could run to the ball.


In the William Jewell College game, both teams had a couple of skill kids who could run as well as provide a big play when needed. The game ended with one of the speed players completing a big play - a game winning play.


The game that excited me the most though was the Chief’s game. I was amazed at how much the team improved by obtaining players throughout the team that can run.


The Chiefs have had a great jump start this season for one reason and one reason only - SPEED. At the NFL level every player should be able to run in order to even get on the field. Obviously, this is not a new philosophy. If you don’t have speed and quickness you are headed for a long season.


Because of the current training and weight programs athletes at all levels have the ability to improve in these areas during the off season. Therefore my advice to the coaching community is to get your athletes into the weight room and find quickness skills that will improve your athletes. If not, you may struggle at any level.

  • MU and Kansas State will need to make huge strides in order to compete for the Big 12 North championship.

  • I caught Todd Haley’s interview in the stadium following the game and I think he has grown more than anyone else with the Chiefs.

  • The MSHSAA needs to have a seeding system for the football playoffs. This one step would produce some great games.

  • My quote of the day is from NFL great, Fran Tarkenton, “None of us really pushes hard enough. People always talk about playing over your head when you are up against someone really good. Maybe you don’t play over your head at all. Maybe it’s just potential you never knew you had.”