Sideline Pass: Jim Bradford 9/22

Jim Bradford

By Jim Bradford PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: September 22, 2015 - 4:28 PM

You never like to put too much emphasis on a week three matchup. Especially in Kansas.

Week three doesn’t mean much of anything, really. It’s weeks seven, eight and nine that mean everything – at least for one more year.

Under the current playoff system in Kansas, all a team needs to do it win a couple of games late in the season and they are off to the playoffs. Heck, it’s even possible for a team with one win to advance to the state playoffs. Crazy.

But high school football is about more than just a win. And even though a week three game may not break a season, it sure as heck can make a season, sending it rocketing in the right direction.

Tom Radke and the St. James Thunder are about to see if that is the case when they travel to Jefferson City to take on Helias this week.

Who knows what will happen, but my money is on St. James after what transpired in week three. And much of that has to do with the play of Dylan Streeter.

See, things weren’t going well for the Thunder on a rain-soaked Friday night at St. Thomas Aquinas last week. They had lost their leading rusher, Jake Burgmeier, to a high ankle sprain, and their offense was sputtering midway through the second quarter.

With five minutes, 41 seconds to play in the first half, DeSoto was out in front 7-0 on the heels of an impressive eight-play, 67-yard drive.

The Thunder needed something. Anything. Or else the season might start to unravel.

Enter Streeter. Literally.

In the very first series in which Streeter lined up in the backfield, the Thunder started to roll.

He carried the ball seven times for 51 yards on a 13-play drive that netted the Thunder’s first points of the night – a 34-yard field goal by, you guessed it, Streeter.

Ten seconds later, Streeter grabbed a tipped ball on the sidelines for an interception, setting the Thunder up with the ball on the DeSoto 40-yard line with 34 seconds to play in the half. With four ticks left on the clock, Streeter powered in from the three-yard line to put the Thunder up for good, 9-7.

In a span of less than six minutes, Streeter had 54 yards rushing, a 34-yard field goal, an interception and a three-yard touchdown run.

Who knows what the rest of the season holds for St. James. Maybe a little payback this week for a shutout loss to Helias last year and continuing along toward a mighty collision with Mill Valley in week one of district play?