After Further Review: Cole Young 9/17

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: September 17, 2015 - 9:19 AM

There is more data out there now than ever before.

There is baseline data for concussions, advanced stats that be extrapolated to mean anything you want them to, plus all sorts of other information and numbers.

One number that’s reappeared in the last few years has been the data provided each week by MSHSAA. The number, which determines district standings, takes into account a multitude of factors including wins, losses, level of competition and quality of competition. One thing it doesn’t take into account is the eye test.

As someone who voted in the Missouri Media Rankings for three years, wins and losses certainly account for much of the rankings plus relying on the eye test from other reporters you trust from around the state. The fact is, a guy from the Sikeston paper probably doesn’t know much about Maryville. Likewise a guy from Kirksville may not know a ton about Nixa.

For this week I wanted to see how the two sets of rankings match up.

What I found is that the MSHSAA district standings value wins and losses more than strength of schedule.

A prime example? Rockhurst has the 22nd best district score. Granted the Hawklets are 1-3, but they’ve played the toughest schedule of anyone in Missouri. In fact, Columbia Rock Bridge, a team Rockhurst beat by 19, has more computer points than them, despite having an identical record.

On this one I think the reporters, not the computers have it right.

They may not have them all correct though. Looking at Class 2, Butler has the third best ranking according to the MSHSAA formula. The Bears, 4-0, haven’t received a vote in the Class 2 Media Rankings and haven’t won by less than 14. Then again, we’ll find out a lot about them this week. They face Lamar, who the computers, the reporters and probably my grandmother all have ranked first in Class 2.

Breaking down the top team in each category only a couple were the same.

Class 6 Media: CBC    Computer: Francis Howell

Class 5 Media: Fort Osage    Computer: Chaminade

Class 4 Media: Webb City     Computer: Webb City

Class 3 Media: John Burroughs       Computer: Park Hills Central

Class 2 Media: Lamar           Computer Lamar & Brentwood (Brentwood entered the media poll at No. 9 this week)

Class 1 Media: Valle  Computer: Skyline

You can see the rest of the media poll here.
You can see all the district standings here.

This all makes for great fodder as we enter the midway point of the year, but it’s more fun to watch it all take place on the field.

If you are really into this type of breakdown I invite you to check out our new weekly series Eyes on the Prize. Kent Mueller goes into much more detail about each class and overall rankings including how last year’s champions are doing.

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