After Further Review: Cole Young 9/2

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: September 2, 2015 - 1:54 PM

There may not be a harder time in the year to figure out exactly where teams stack up than now.

Just how good is Belton? Is Staley the best team in Kansas City? What about Grandview, are they on their way up?

After two weeks there’s always this commutative property exercise that goes on in my head, where basically I try to figure out who the real teams are and who the pretenders are. I’ve bounced around several teams in my head asking how good their opponents have been, trying to come up with some sort of ordered list.

So what do we actually know from the first couple weeks?

For starters, Staley is really, really good. With 38 seniors, they bring back a ton of experience from an 8-3 team. They are big, fast and their starting defense still hasn’t allowed a point.

Raymore-Peculiar coach Tom Kruse probably gave the Falcons defense the best compliment you could get at this point in the season, saying he hopes he doesn’t seen another defense that good all year.

In watching them play Friday night I think what impressed me most was the dominance of their defensive line. They made the Panther’s offense play on its heels the entire game. When you can force an offense out of rhythm early on, it makes things easier the rest of the way.

So that’s one team we know is good this season.

After this week there should be several more we can add to the list. For starters, whoever emerges victorious from the Lee’s Summit and Fort Osage will immediately get contender status.

Another team we’ll find out plenty more about this week is Grandview. After outscoring Ruskin and Oak Park 96-6 in the first two weeks, the competition is going to get tougher practically every week the rest of the season.

So needless to say, there’s a lot to watch for in Week 3. Now we just need Friday night to get here.