You Can Do More: Jeff Floyd 8/30

Jeff Floyd

By Jeff Floyd former Truman High School Head Coach
Posted: August 30, 2015 - 4:22 PM

As I have chronicled, my son and daughter-in-law have been involved in a project (50/50) over the past year.

During that span of time they have borrowed numerous tools…

Drill bits…
Jig saw…
Extension cords…
Socket set…
Saw blades…

No problem… I have accumulated (as most do) many tools in my toolbox throughout the years.

I have to admit it was with a degree of hubris that I brandished my overflowing toolbox and tubs of nuts, bolts, and hardware at the work site.

Hubris, that is, until, a former player of mine (a REALLY good former player of mine) volunteered to help with the project.  This man is a professional… he works construction… he is a master craftsman.

He came and in one evening did work that it would have taken us days to finish.

He had more tools on his tool belt than I have in my toolbox.  He had all the right tools…. specialty tools for this specific job… and all the tricks of the trade that he had accumulated over the years.

As a young, hungry, coach, you are always on the lookout to borrow tools that will help you do your job better… to be a better coach.

But even the old grizzled coach can learn from a professional… can find a new tool or trick that might help … as long as you don’t allow your pride (or habits) to get in the way.

Here are links to tools that have helped me be a more efficient, more organized, better prepared coach over the years. Young coach or veteran, I hope you find something of interest.

Film Grading Tool
Practice Schedule Template
Defensive Game Plan – The Call Sheet
Defensive Game Plan – The Play Grid
Defensive Game Plan – The Ready List
Defensive Game Plan – Weekly Workflow
Defensive Game Plan – Formation Analysis
Defensive Installation
Evaluation of Performance Chart
4 Day a Week Workout Program
3 Day a Week Workout Program
Customizing the Workbooks (3-4 day a week workout program)
Film Worksheet
Sample Position Group Test
Pattern Run Drill
Great Football Conditioning Test
Jump Rope Drills
String out tackle drill
Fumble Score drill
EDD’s Every Day Drills
Chain of Accountability
Playing Time Doctrine
Running an effective drill

Thanks to Joe Grubb for the inspiration behind this post… and thanks to him for helping at the 50/50 project.

The ties that bind Joe, and the special group of men from my UCM days, is a story for another day.

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you… Don’t Believe It!

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