View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 8/13

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: August 13, 2015 - 8:30 PM

Five years can go by very fast. When football kicks off Aug. 21 it will mark the sixth season of PrepsKC coverage. A lot has happened in that time and a lot more will happen in the future.

The past five years have been an exhilarating and exciting time for high school football fans and for us at PrepsKC. We started with the stated goal to bring you the Ultimate High School Football Coverage and I think we have delivered.

We have delivered by constantly raising the bar on what that coverage looks like. We started with a dynamic live scoreboard that featured more than 130 schools each week of the season. We also had a weekly magazine and the best Friday night coverage in the Metro along with the only two-hour drive-time Friday radio show dedicated to High school football.

We’ve added live stats and the PrepsKC app so you can have all of the high school football information you need right at your fingertips no matter where you are.

This year we are launching our own ProStat system that continues our tradition of giving fans the most up to date information with the most advanced technology available.

There will be lots of new content every single day at PrepsKC. Don’t just check once a day to stay up come back many times. Of course you can follow us on Twitter @prepskc to find out all the news as it happens.

Below is a schedule of all the week’s stories and coverage this fall at PrepsKC:


  • Game of the week candidates announced
  • RE/MAX Big 3 Games of the Week
  • Missouri Ranked teams results
  • Kansas ranked teams results
  • You can Do More – Jeff Floyd


  • Kansas rankings
  • Missouri side Feature
  • Sports Medicine & Performance Center Weekly article/video
  • Missouri District Standings (After Week No. 3)


  • Missouri Rankings
  • Post Papa John’s Player of the Week
  • Kansas side feature
  • Jim Bradford/Mike Laverie Kansas Column alternating weeks


  • Player focus
  • Eye on the IL
  • Chiefs’ coach of the Week
  • Cole Young/Stephen Bubalo Missouri column alternating weeks


  • PrepsKC Cover story
  • On the Dotte
  • Time Warner Cable Sports Channel Thursday Night game preview
  • Dion Clisso column


  • KSMO/TWC Sports Channel Friday TV preview
  • Game of the Week Winners
  • PrepsKC’s Football Friday Night radio show preview
  • TV/online broadcast guide
  • Complete game coverage from around the Metro


  • 5 from Friday highlights story
  • Saturday Sound highlights
  • Photos of the Week

It will be another great season and we are thrilled to bring it to you. The weekly coverage is unlike anything in the country. Be ready for more game coverage than has ever been seen in Kansas City. Our stable of writers will be all over the Metro and surrounding areas.

Get ready for another year of the Ultimate High School Football Coverage.