After Further Review: Cole Young 4/30

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: May 1, 2015 - 8:41 AM

The Greater Kansas City Football Coaches Association Kansas vs. Missouri All-Star Game has always provided a nice taste of football in the middle of June.

This year with some new uniforms from Siege Sports that should provide a little flash and change from the old red and blue jerseys.  In a world where uniforms are constantly changing and evolving I think that’s a good aspect to add to the game.

Then I started thinking, what would make this game even more fun? I came up with some outlandish ones and some more feasible ones, mostly tied to how to construct the teams instead of the standard state line border.

The first would be to go big vs. little. Basically you’d establish an enrollment line and go from there.  This would take away some of the border rivalry but could incite a whole new one. All week coaches from the smaller group would be motivating their players about how they could take down the big, bad team made up of schools like Rockhurst, Shawnee Mission West and Olathe North. Meanwhile the larger schools would be focused on asserting their dominance over players from smaller schools like Smithville and Louisburg.

There are obvious Pros and Cons to this idea.

Pros: A new approach to the game, chance to intermix the two states, get to see how teams of different sizes match up.

Cons: Travel for practice, getting good representation of both sides of the line, loss of traditional makeup.

The second idea is to do it draft style. Again, you’d establish a pool of players, find your coaches and go from there.

This one could really be fun. Two weeks prior to the event you’d hold the draft on Time Warner Cable Sportschannel. For two hours we could watch Mick Shaffer stroll out to the podium inside Union Station and announce the picks.

Instead of the battle lines being drawn across state lines, they’d be drawn across neighborhoods, or even better, imagine a scenario where a set of twins were in the game and went to different teams. The parents would have to wear those corny shirts with two jerseys on them. Imagine how those would look depending on the custom uniforms for that season.

The final way to add some buzz to this event is the most far-fetched. That’s to get some of the Division I coaches to loosen the reigns a little bit and let the top players from the area play in the game. I realize why that doesn’t happen and it would take just one injury to make it not worth it, but can’t we dream a little?