After Further Review: Cole Young 3/17

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: March 17, 2015 - 9:54 AM

With about five months until things start getting cranked back up on the football field it’s time to dream a little bit between watching college basketball games.

So here’s an idea that popped into my head during my lunch break while driving up Metcalf Ave.: Why don’t we have more games between Missouri and Kansas teams?

You’ll get the occasional interstate matchup. St. James actually played both Pleasant Hill and Lincoln Prep last season. But beyond that trio, teams reaching out to the other side of the state line are rare, and that needs to change.

Plus, no offense to the three teams listed above, but those aren’t the kind of games that get fans outside those fan bases fired up.

So here’s my thought (and coincidentally a similar one that PrepsKC boss Dion Clisso had been bouncing around): Let’s figure out a way to designate one week where the teams who want to play a team from the other side of the state line can and let’s do it right.

Back to dreaming a little bit. How about 12 teams, six from each side of the line, a couple big schools, a couple small schools and an equal number from each side.

From there you find a group of athletic directors or coaches or message board pundits and they pair the teams up. Imagine Kearney and Bishop Miege facing off at North Kansas City District Stadium.

The best part about this is you make it a festival. Find a school ready to host it and play one game on Thursday night, another on Friday and then three more on Saturday. Think Hy-Vee Shootout only football.

This seems like the kind of event that starts with one location and could grow. Plus, if it’s successful, schools will jump on board (Spread offense anyone?)

The easiest way for this to work is to get the Suburban Conference on board and build it against the EKL and Sunflower. A plan like this makes it easier on the schedule makers and more likely to see something like Liberty taking on Olathe South on a Saturday at Lee’s Summit West at noon followed by Blue Springs and Shawnee Mission East at 3:30 and Fort Osage and St. Thomas Aquinas at 7:30.

Yes, this is all a bit pie in the sky right now, but it’s the middle of March and there has to be something to fill your time between filling out your brackets.