View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 3/2

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: March 2, 2015 - 10:24 AM

March is here which means springs sports are starting today throughout the Metro. That also means basketball still has a couple more weeks before champions will be crowned.

For football players it either means it’s time to start a new season or continue their offseason workouts. My feeling is they should be playing a spring sport but if you’ve followed PrepsKC even casually over the last five years that shouldn’t come as any shock to you.

There is plenty of information out there about multi-sport athletes and their level of success as they move up from level to level including the rare few who play professional sports.

So I think we are moving to the point where specialization is really on the wrong side of the conversation. That’s my stance and I’m sticking to it.

On this first day of spring practice it’s also good to look at what football coaches do in their offseason. While some are only football coaches, most have something that keeps them busy in the spring whether it is as an assistant coach of a spring sport or even a head coach.

Blue Valley’s Eric Driskell, Piper’s Chris Brindle and former Smithville and new Pleasant Hill coach Greg Smith are all head track coaches for their schools. They are among the hundreds of head and assistant coaches that are using their time in the spring to coach other sports.

It is a lot of commitment to be involved in more than one sport whether you are a coach or a player. My hat is off to all who make those sacrifices for multiple sports. I know I played every sport possible in every season and I know my parents and coaches helped me along the way. Now as a parent I am affording my child the same option. I hope he can enjoy multiple sports and get as many life lessons and joy from them as I did.