After Further Review: Cole Young 11/11

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: November 12, 2014 - 11:10 AM

With the cream of the Kansas City area rising to the top, there’s been one resounding trend throughout the teams that are left.

They run the football and they run it well.

That’s not to say in the playoffs you don’t need to be able to throw the ball, especially if you fall behind, but this season (and many past seasons) the winning formula seems to be a ground game.

Some teams, like Oak Grove for instance, have been locked into a running mentality all season.

Harrisonville has been the opposite. After lining up in a spread formation all season, they’ve gone to the grind-it-out approach as well. It’s worked so far for the Wildcats as they racked up 369 rushing yards last week. That’s nearly in the same realm as Oak Grove, which has rushed for just under 400 yards a game.

The benefits are obvious at this point in the season.

As Harrisonville coach Brent Maxwell pointed out, when you are facing a fast-paced, fast-scoring offense it keeps the opposing offense on the sideline and your offense on the field.

Need another reason to not plan on grinding out a victory on the ground? Look at the forecast for Friday. A high of 37 degrees doesn’t scream air it out.

Keep an eye out when you are at your game this weekend. The team with the most yards on the ground will likely be the team that still has state title dreams for another week.