You Can Do More: Jeff Floyd 10/2

Jeff Floyd

By Jeff Floyd former Truman High School Head Coach
Posted: October 1, 2014 - 7:13 PM

I hope this does not offend anyone. It is not meant to. I do not mean this to be sacrilegious in any way, but, as coaches, we have the opportunity to be immortal.

Of course, not in the physical sense, but our words and ideas can live on in perpetuity.

This realization hit me squarely a few weeks ago at my son’s wedding. A friend of his, Miles Hochard, (who played football at William Jewell) was visiting with me about a previous post of mine called “Dirty Red.”

In that post I explained the phrase and the attitude of “Dirty Red” that characterized our defense at the University of Central Missouri. It was a term used by Mike Foster, the defensive coordinator there when I arrived.

When Coach Foster left, I became the defensive coordinator and continued using the phrase. In fact I used it at most stops along my coaching journey after that, including when I became the head coach at William Jewell College.

Back to my son’s wedding and his friend Miles. Coach Hochard, an assistant football coach at Pembroke Hill, said when he was at Jewell as a player (a linebacker), they still referred to their defense as “Dirty Red” and as far as he knows, they still do.

So a “rallying cry” started in the ‘80s by Coach Mike Foster is still going strong in Liberty in the 21st century.  In fact, “Dirty Red” could have started before UCM in the ‘80s. Coach Foster came to the University of Central Missouri from Coffeyville Junior College in Kansas. Their colors are red as well!

It is amazing to think that a concept you taught, a phrase you used, or a procedure you came up with – 30 years or more in the past – is still being used in your profession today.

Amazing … awesome … a little scary!

Ours is an awesome profession, with awesome responsibilities.

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