Through the Uprights: Adam Sullivan 10/1

Adam Sullivan

By Adam Sullivan PrepsKC Columnist
Posted: October 1, 2014 - 2:54 PM

I was lucky enough to be at last night’s Royals playoff victory over Oakland, and like many fans at the game I was not only stunned but I lost my voice. Kansas City has long been recognized as one of the best fan cities in the nation, and that holds true not just for our professional and college teams but high school teams as well.

I grew up in the era of Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith terrorizing quarterbacks at Arrowhead Stadium, where noise was everything and false starts expected. Big crowds and tailgating became a religion of sorts.

This was also during the Olathe North dynasty when Darren Sproles gave defensive coordinators and opposing fans nightmares. It was when the ODAC was consistently standing room only and for us kids, high school football was everything.

The people in this metro area are unique. We’ve long been starved for professional success and, depending who you cheer for, on Friday nights maybe even high school success. Yet none of that has ever seemed to matter.

The atmosphere you see on Sundays in the sea of red is the same type of treatment you get on Friday nights, just obviously in a much smaller scale. Our city is knowledgeable, loyal and most of all hungry.

My challenge to the high school following this week is to go to whatever game of your choosing this Thursday or Friday night and truly soak in the atmosphere. You’ll see how unique this town really is and how special these games really are. I’ve seen games in other states and while they have decent crowds, nothing in my opinion beats a Friday night football game in a small town here in Kansas City. It’s not just the football but mainly the people. We make these nights special by tailgating and making signs and shutting down the town for a game.

Then bring that same energy to Kauffman Stadium on Sunday and get the Royals past the Angels and move on in the playoffs.

Right now is a wonderful opportunity to be a fan in the metro area. It’s our time; it’s time for the losing and playoff meltdowns to end. It’s time to show the rest of the country who and what Kansas City is about. Rise up Kansas City, we’ve earned it.