You Can Do More: Jeff Floyd 9/10

Jeff Floyd

By Jeff Floyd former Truman High School Head Coach
Posted: September 10, 2014 - 4:20 PM

My father was many things (U.S. Marine, World War II vet of the Pacific Campaign) but a skilled carpenter, handyman, craftsmen he was NOT. Although he never scrimped on material, his attempts at various projects were usually laughable, amateurish, and cobbled together. Not masterpieces in any sense of the word.

My dad had one small toolbox that contained:

  • One Phillips head screwdriver, one flathead.
  • One pair of pliers.
  • One Vice Grips (his “go-to” tool).
  • One regular (small) hammer, one ball-peen hammer.
  • One hand saw for wood, one hacksaw for metal.

And little else.

So while he often courageously attempted ambitious projects, with little or no instructions, and with a meager set of tools at his disposal, the results usually came up far short of his expectations.

When I told a lifelong friend (who knew my father and witnessed his “handiwork”) that I had just finished installing cabinets and closets in our bedroom, adding a sliding factory door, and laying hardwood floor in our loft, he looked at me and asked “since when did you become so handy?”

Here is the difference between my father and me. I am not smarter, nor do I use better materials.  The main difference is that I have more tools in my toolbox, and availability to better instructions.

I have two large cases full of tools: sets of wrenches, power tools, tools for measuring, cutting, fastening, etc. I also have access to great instructions, via the Internet, for any project I tackle.

As coaches we all have similar “material” (our squad) but some of us have more tools at our disposal. A craftsman has to have the correct tools to create a masterpiece.

What tools do you have in your coaching “toolbox”?

Here are some tools that have helped me be a more efficient and effective coach:

Film Grading Tool

Practice Schedule Template

Defensive Game Plan – The Call Sheet

Defensive Game Plan – The Play Grid

Defensive Game Plan – The Ready List

Defensive Game Plan – Weekly Workflow

Defensive Game Plan – Formation Analysis

Defensive Installation

Evaluation of Performance Chart

4 Day a Week Workout Program

3 Day a Week Workout Program

Customizing the Workbooks (3-4 day a week workout program)

Film Worksheet

Sample Position Group Test

Pattern Run Drill

Great Football Conditioning Test

Jump Rope Drills

All told, the links listed above have been downloaded over 10,000 times by coaches all over the world. I am not suggesting these are all or the best tools out there, but plenty of tools ARE out there, and they’re fairly easy to find.

Create a masterpiece!

You Can Do More… your brain is lying to you…. Don’t Believe It!

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