Through the Uprights: Adam Sullivan 9/1

Adam Sullivan

By Adam Sullivan PrepsKC Columnist
Posted: September 1, 2014 - 3:28 PM

For many football junkies fall means something more than just dusting off the tailgate grill or the smell of fresh cut grass. It’s more than just football games on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The beginning of September means it’s time for fantasy football. Now I know currently only the NFL has actual leagues that one can join, but could you imagine if it spreads to college or even high school?

Guys like Dalvin Warmack and Bubba Starling would have been fantasy legends. Let’s ponder on who possibly would be the number one draft pick in this year’s metro fantasy league.

Now, every good fantasy team has a solid quarterback and the metro’s best is found at Lee’s Summit High School. Drew Lock has posted video game numbers thus far in the short two game season throwing for 566 yards and 11 touchdowns. Lock has made defenses look confused on multiple occasions and has made challenging passes look simple.

He’d be compared to last season’s Peyton Manning, as any fantasy owner who saw Manning on the opposite roster instantly became worried.  In my opinion, Lock would be a top three pick in any league.

Next up would be Venus Triplett from Olathe North. A school known for producing dominating running backs has introduced another back capable of a 200 yard game on any given night. Triplett is a matchup nightmare for defensive coordinators in the Sunflower League as the talented Eagle rushed for 1,530 yards and 25 touchdowns a season ago. Triplett is extremely dangerous and would be a running back similar to Adrian Peterson in a fantasy league in which he could have a 30-point game any week.

While there are many players who should be considered in the top three in the metro, I think these two guys would be the top two. I know a fantasy high school league is only a dream, but who would be your top pick?