That's What Steve said: Steve Bubalo 8/26

Steve Bubalo

By Steve Bubalo PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: August 28, 2014 - 6:14 AM

Maybe it’s just me, but in my opinion, football was meant to be played under the lights. There’s just something different about seeing a dark night sky lit up so bright you can see the stadium from a mile away. It just feels right.

I’ve never experienced playing under those lights (basketball was my sport). I’ve only been a part of it from the reporting side of things, but I was ready for it to be back.

I was ready to hear the student sections and those familiar high school bands. I was ready to see the jumping chest bumps after a crucial fourth-down stop.

I can only imagine how the players felt.

There’s a saying – sure it’s cliché – that high school sports have a more unique feel, that they’re more pure than college or to a bigger extent, the pros. These kids aren’t playing for money or to keep a scholarship, it’s not their job. They’re doing it for “the love of the game”, which of course is true in a sense.

Most of the kids playing Friday night won’t play past high school. This is their moment. And it’s moments like the Grain Valley-Savannah game that are special.

Savannah, a small Class 4 school with only 39 players, has several guys that are two-way players, both offense and defense. And on a hot, humid night, cramping became a serious issue for the Savages.

Some Savannah players saw the field that head coach Chad Smith probably wasn’t expecting to play this early in the season, and they saw action in a tight game. Smith praised his backups for being ready and for being mentally prepared.

Who knows, this may have been their moment under the lights, their time to shine, even if just for a play or two. And they had a hand in a come-from-behind 19-15 victory.

Yep, I was ready for the lights to be back on. I’m ready to see who the team will be this year that everybody is talking about in three or four weeks that nobody is talking about now. I’m ready to watch that breakout player have the game of his life and get mobbed by his teammates.

Sure, it’s all a little cheesy, but it’s just another reason why we love sports and why this is sure to be another great high school football season.