Core Athletic: Steve Redmond 8/11

By Steve Redmond, CSCS, Core Athletic Director of Sports Performance
Posted: August 11, 2014 - 8:26 AM

I wanted to take a break from the “Psychological Profile of a Champion” and go in a different direction. I wanted to highlight a concept that is the foundation of my sports performance program I direct at Core Athletic but more so a concept that changed my life. My program is called The No Excuses Program and although there may be thousands of references to the catch phrase “No Excuses,” I chose to call my program this for a much more simple purpose: It is the undeniable truth.

I did not choose the name because it was cool or because it would give me the platform to be a “tough” coach. The No Excuses mentality changed me to the core of who I am and although I was exposed to it in a sports environment, it is something that I carry with me every day of my life…in every situation…in every aspect of my life. Regardless, if it is a work, family, or personal matter, I choose every day to take a No Excuses approach to the things I do and as a coach/teacher of young people that range from elementary age to college I expose and challenge them to do the same thing.

The statement below is not mine. I’m not 100 percent sure who’s it is but it is powerful and should be shared with every person that is striving to be successful, athletes and non – athletes alike. It is something that I believe in and share any opportunity I can. I have a desire to build powerful individuals, not just athletes, both mentally and physically and this is where I start. I have left my email below for anyone who like more information about this. Enjoy!

“Any excuse for non – performance, however valid, softens the character. It is a sedative against

One’s own conscience. When a man or woman uses an excuse they are attempting to convince both

themselves and others that unsatisfactory performance is somehow acceptable. They are perhaps

unconsciously attempting to divert attention from performance and the only thing that counts is their

want for sympathy. The user is dishonest with themselves as well as others. No matter how good

or how valid, the excuse never changes performance.

The  world  measures  success  in  terms  of  performance  and  performance  alone.  No one is

remembered in history for  what  they would have accomplished. History never asks how hard it

was to do the job, nor considers the obstacles that had to be overcome.  It never measures the

handicaps. It counts only one thing: PERFORMANCE. No one has ever performed a worthwhile

task without consciously ignoring a plausible excuse.

To use an excuse is a habit. We cannot have both the performance habit and the excuse habit. We

all have a supply of excuses. The more we use them the lower our standards become and with that

the poorer  our  performance  becomes.  The better we perform, the less plausible our excuses


The next time you want to defend your sub – par performance, say to yourself “NO EXCUSES!”

Notice the startling effect this will have on your own self – respect. You will have recognized your

failure. You will have been honest with yourself. You will be one step closer to the performance

habit. You will be a better person for it. You will have made yourself and ASSET rather than a


The end.