After Further Review: Cole Young 7/23

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: July 23, 2014 - 8:24 AM

With college football unofficially starting with conference media days over the last week, it got me thinking what a media day might look like for high schools. I focused my attention on the Suburban Conference, mostly because between the four divisions there are so many schools, plus there are plenty of personalities roaming around that conference.

A few of these are serious, a few aren’t and keep in mind sarcasm sometimes doesn’t translate well to writing.

Biggest crowd for interviews: Marquise Doherty

You would think the biggest line would be around maybe Lee’s Summit quarterback Drew Lock or maybe Nebraska commits Khalil Davis or Carlos Davis. But I’d imagine this event would be frequented by lots of recruiting services.

For that reason, Doherty, a Winnetonka running back would have the biggest line. The senior has offers from schools as far away as Oregon

Old coach walking around doing interviews: Harold Wambsgans

No one knows why he’s there, he just is, though it’s probably to promote his radio show during the season, but nonetheless there would be a line to interview him and see what kind of stories he’d provide.

Media day buzz: New uniforms

Liberty recently posted a picture on twitter of 12 different uniform combinations. Other schools are making uniform changes as well, whether it’s just a redesigned road jersey or a new helmet color.

If colleges are constantly making uniform changes to attract high school recruits, just think how much the high school players like their own uniforms when they get redone.

Most anticipated coach’s press conference: (Tie) Eric Thomas and Greg Jones

Everyone football team has a motto or slogan for the season it seems. These two coaches seem to have the ability to take it a step further.

If one of these coaches didn’t show up to our mock media day with a shirt bearing a hashtag with their slogan on the back, it would be a missed opportunity.

With the first week of the season less than a month away, walking through the halls of this made up event could be fun. Would two of Harrisonville’s favorite sons Fred Bouchard and Kelly Donohoe even speak in the hallway ahead of their Week 1 showdown between Staley and Blue Springs?

The fact is, it will be nice to finally get the teams playing games soon so we can all stop wondering what would happen if all of these schools got together to talk about the games.