Sideline Pass: Jim Bradford 6/15

Jim Bradford

By Jim Bradford PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: June 15, 2014 - 1:58 PM

 With summer weights in full swing and with the Country Mart Kansas vs. Missouri All-Star Game just around the corner, work is nearing completion in Olathe.

Work? Yep.

Work on the new fields at ODAC and CBAC.

In what seems like the last of all of the proverbial dominoes to fall, Olathe is getting synthetic turf fields.

The big news is that the two district stadiums will feature Shaw Sports turf on their football fields. While the soccer, baseball and softball field will be getting a not-so-natural facelift as well, the big news comes in the form of two of the marquee football stadiums in the area getting new turf.

It makes sense. The four Olathe high school teams have been practicing on synthetic turf for several years and with the exception of their home games, they play nearly every single one of their Friday night football games on the fake stuff.

Now, it will be extremely rare if any of the Olathe birds take flight on natural grass.

And it’s about time. The field at CBAC is nearly complete and the field down south at the district’s original and uniquely-state-of-the-art (at the time) complex will be done soon as well.

Now, the original district complex (ODAC) will look like new with its sparkling new turf. Now, its sister to the north (CBAC) will be just as bright and shiny.

And with CBAC’s truly unique football-only setup — no track around this field — the stadium will look really nice all year long.

There were times, late in the seasons, when the grass had seen better days. Wet weather and the turning of the seasons did a number on both fields. While the district grounds crews at both locations did an amazing job of keeping the fields looking and playing their best, there are just some things that no one, no matter how much money is at their disposal, can do and that it halt time.

Now, the field will look and play as well in week 12 as it does in week 1.

Yeah, that’s right, week 12. That means an Olathe team will be playing in the state semifinals.

That’s a good bet.