View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 5/5

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: May 5, 2014 - 9:03 AM

 Change is never easy. No matter if it is a small one that only affects a few people or a major one that impacts a large group. Staying with the status quo is always the more comfortable thing to do.

I’ve had some conversations lately regarding the possibility of a 10-game season for teams in Kansas 5A and 6A. In the past I have felt the issue was a non-starter on the Kansas side of the line but I feel like it may be gaining some momentum.

The easy benefit in my eyes is it would open up scheduling for schools in the Metro. Currently there are few chances for schools in the Eastern Kansas and Sunflower League to meet each other or outside of district play. Year in and year out these schools play the same league teams and there is very little variety.

This past year the Sunflower League changed its scheduling practices so they would have one week that schools were free to schedule whoever they wanted. Some have used that week to schedule games with other Sunflower League schools while others have gone out and found games with EKL or outside opponents.

Those games make football in the Metro better because it allows schools to play games against teams they won’t normally see. If you talk to a lot of coaches they like the out of conference games because it allows them to test their teams in a non-conference or district situation.

There are all kinds of great matchups that can occur much like you would see in college football. Teams at the college level step out of conference and come up with some very exciting early season games that have no bearing on a conference title.

When you also add the fact another week of games would also allow some more games played between teams on different sides of the state line. This year you will see Mill Valley play at Staley and St. James Academy host Pleasant Hill. Those should be exciting games as teams step across the state line to play brand new opponents.

Just think if we added another week to the Kansas season you could see a Shawnee Mission East host Rockhurst or Lee’s Summit West host Blue Valley. There are a lot of great games that could become an annual rivalry.

If you really got it organized you could have one week where teams from certain conferences played each other much like the ACC-Big 10 challenge played each year in college basketball. It would build early season excitement and give the Metro lots of marquee games.

Those are my thoughts we will see if change can come.

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