Coach Profile: Spring Hill coach Anthony Orrick 4/21

Anthony Orrick

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: April 21, 2014 - 1:21 PM

One of the up and coming programs in the Frontier League the last few seasons has been Spring Hill. The Broncos have improved each of the last three seasons and have become one of the better teams once district play starts.
Anthony Orrick has led the Spring Hill program the last five seasons and has had a long history of being a successful assistant coach before taking over the Broncos in 2009. Orrick played and coached at Blue Valley where he says former Tigers’ Head Coach Steve Rampy was a big influence on the player he was and the coach and teacher he is today.
“He inspired me to become teacher/coach,” Orrick said. “I also had the opportunity to coach for him and learned so much about the game of football and the proper way to build/maintain a successful program.”
Other coaches that left an impression is Blue Valley West coach Scott Wright who was an assistant at Blue Valley when Orrick played. Orrick said the way Wright cared about his players while maintaining high expectations is something he uses today. In terms of X’s and O’s current Blue Valley Defensive Coordinator Rick McNerlin was a mentor for Orrick.
Orrick said football is his passion and being able to coach and teach is something he really enjoys.
“I enjoy the positive influences and relationships I have with my players,” Orrick said. “I also enjoy the opportunity to continue competing in the game I love, just in a different role. I think the strategy of football is very exciting, especially when a plan you have developed works to perfection.”
While the Broncos have made the playoffs the last two years and the wins have come more often Orrick said there is much more to his program than just earning a victory on Friday night.
“I believe coaching football is more than just X’s and O’s,” Orrick said.  “My principles are centered on building people, because in essence the people in the program should receive the greatest benefit from the program. It is not solely based on wins and losses; it's based on successes in life as a whole. Coaching is an opportunity to shape and guide a student’s life.
“I believe in four core covenants which exemplify what I expect from each of my players. Honor: honor the game, your team, coaches and school. Team First attitude: always put the team before me. Work Habits: each day work at a higher level than thought possible. Improvement: make a commitment to improve in some aspect each and every day.”