Coach Profile: Turner assistant Julian Parks 3/14

Julian Parks

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: March 14, 2014 - 9:18 AM

There are lots of talented and committed head coaches throughout the Metro. While the wins and losses go next to their names the assistants are just as vital to the success of a program.
At Turner one assistant who has become key to the Golden Bears’ success in defensive coordinator Julian Parks. For the last seven seasons Parks has been a part of the Turner program starting as the defensive backs coach and working his way up to the coordinator position. Parks is also the Golden Bears Strength and conditioning coach.
While he has spent most of his career in high school, Parks also spent two seasons coaching at Baker University in Baldwin, Kan.
Parks said coaching has many aspects that he enjoys.
“(I love) Building relationships with my athletes,” Parks said. “I enjoy seeing an athlete grow on and off the field. If I could change anything It would be the fact that my emotions of the sport can sometimes get the best of me and I lose that focus of building positive relationships. I can say most of us get that way because we want so bad for our young men to succeed. But we have to sit back and remember that this is just a game.”
There were many influences on his career but Parks said a few stand out to him.
“As a high school player I was influenced by my offensive coordinator Steven Deghand,” Parks said. “He had a way of motivating me and my teammates through positive relationships. He had a great relationship with most players around him and he always seemed to love and enjoy everything he did. Many of us would run through a wall for him because we knew he had our best interest in mind. You never wanted to let him down because you knew he had your back. That really followed me throughout my high school and college career. This is the type of relationship I strive for with my players today.”
That experience has guided his coaching philosophy that is more than just x’s and o’s.
“(I want to) To push my athletes to points they did not think they could go, in order to position them to be successful on and off the field,” Parks said. “The game of football taught me a lot about life and open many doors for me. I feel it is my job to pass that torch on to other young men whom I come across.”