After Futher Review: Cole Young 2/4

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: February 4, 2014 - 12:48 PM

College football fans always like to huddle around their laptops or smart phones this time of year to find out how their future players stack up on paper.
I’m one of the biggest culprits for this, so with the Super Bowl and National Signing Day within a week of each other I thought it would be fun to see how some of the biggest stars stacked up coming out of high school.
According to an article from only four players combined from both the Seahawks and Broncos entered high school with a five-star ranking. As for the other end of the spectrum, 47 players on the two teams were ranked two-stars or below.
Let that settle in for a second, nearly an entire team in the Super Bowl was made up of low-ranked players. That list includes Russell Wilson, a two-star prospect and one of his favorite targets and fellow two-star recruit Doug Baldwin.
Now that doesn’t mean everyone slips through the cracks. Percy Harvin was the No. 1 overall recruit coming out of high school. Peyton Manning was in high school before the rankings started, but would have been a five-star guy.
The gist of it all is simple. Rankings are great, stars are great and they are good for conversation. I can think immediately of several highly touted prospects throughout the country and the metro thought that got to college and fizzled quickly. Whether that’s maturity or work ethic or bad decisions, the stars seem to mean little when the practices start in August.
While the real hard work starts when practice begins in the summer, the first real struggle for signees may be finding a place to get the letter sent in to their respective college.
Even in the digital age when you can deposit a check from your cell phone, these letters are still faxed in.
With a forecast of more than 10 inches of snow, there’s a better chance a 17-year old doesn’t know what a fax looks like than they would actually have a fax machine in their house or somewhere near them.
If schools are cancelled and a large amount of players signing on Wednesday including more than 40 from the Suburban Conference, the neighborhood Staples may have a line at the fax machine.
Heck, this might be the first time the players actually want to be in school for a day.