Extra Points: Brian Spano 1/19

Brian Spano

By Brian Spano PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: January 20, 2014 - 9:47 AM

A recent poll on the PrepsKC website asked "What is the most important position group on the offense?"
The answers were quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers/tight ends, offensive line.
For the purpose of this column, I'm going to focus on the offensive side of the ball and specifically what is the most important position. An argument could be made for the entire defense as a whole as the most important "position group on defense," but that's a discussion for another day.
In the NFL, it's been pretty much proven that the quarterback is the most important position on the field, and that's evolved over the last five to 10 years. Just look at the video game-like statistics these guys are posting week in and week out.
And that's all thanks to the college game. In college football, offensive schemes seem to change like the weather, i.e. spread, option, pistol, wildcat, etc. These are all centered on the quarterback and what his greatest strength is: the ability to throw or run.
All of this has trickled down to the high school game, and that brings me back to the question: What is the most important position on offense in high school football?
Well, if you want to take a simplistic approach to this and look at the last 10 Simone award winners, it breaks down like this:
2013       Dalvin Warmack, running back, Blue Springs
2012       Dalvin Warmack, running back, Blue Springs
2011       Evan Boehm, offensive line, Lee's Summit West
2010       Bubba Starling, quarterback, Gardner-Edgerton
2009       James Franklin, running back, Olathe North
2008       Blaine Dalton, quarterback, Blue Springs South
2007       Nathan Scheelhaase, quarterback, Rockhurst
2006       Zach Rampy, quarterback, Blue Valley
2005       Josh Freeman, quarterback, Grandview
2004       Chase Coffman, tight end, Raymore-Peculiar
Although five of the last 10 Simone winners are quarterbacks, and the last two are a running back, and that's just one guy in Warmack, it's difficult to say which position is most important.
Could it be the offensive line or a specific lineman? Because without those guys up front, the quarterback and/or running back couldn't throw or run for the yardage they normally do each week.
Is it a fullback, not even listed in the poll, who provides that additional block for the running back trying to gain those tough extra yards up the middle?
As I look at it in its entirety, it depends on the team, the coach and the system that the coach runs. High school football isn't like the college or professional levels in so many ways.
Sometimes the quarterback can be the most important position, and sometimes the running back can be, but in my view it's always the offensive line because without them, none of the other guys will be able to perform their jobs.