View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 12/17

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: December 17, 2013 - 12:01 PM

In NASCAR they have what is called the silly season. It’s the time around the end of the racing year and the offseason where drivers switch teams along with sponsorship changes, crew changes and a basic free agency period.

It’s like most other sports except there isn’t a specific time when NASCAR drivers have to negotiate with other teams. It’s ongoing and drivers and teams can start the process whenever they want. Given the no holds barred type of activity between car owners and drivers rumors about possible changes run rampant.

It seems like high school football has entered its own silly season. The games are over and there are a few head coaching positions that are already open. One has been filled as St. Thomas Aquinas made a big splash with the hiring of Randy Dreilling from Hutchinson.

As news of this hiring came out Friday it seemed that anything was possible. Dreilling to Aquinas wasn’t a possibility many had thought of when the season concluded but two weeks before Christmas that is just what happened.

With that hiring just a little more than 24 hours old my phone began to light up Saturday night. The first text I received was that Rockhurst Head Coach Tony Severino was retiring. If true that is not just big news but the biggest news in high school football in the Metro. Severino has led Rockhurst for 30 years and is the dean of high school coaches. The idea that Severino would retire wasn’t crazy. At the same time in my conversations with him over the last couple of years I didn’t get the idea he was going anywhere. His retirement would set off dominoes much like Mack Brown’s retirement at Texas. This was news that had to be confirmed one way or another.

While I started to head down that road I got another text from a different person about the possibility of St. James Academy Head Coach Tom Radke moving on to a new home. Now things were just getting crazy. Why would Radke leave a program that has taken huge strides in his three years and now looks like it is poised for long-term success? Just another question

While I didn’t think the two were connected, it was odd that two different people had texted me two different pieces of information within one hour on a Saturday night. Look media people have these type of conversations all of the time but I wasn’t at a game or in the studio, I was at a family function on a Saturday night playing a Christmas trivia game.

Over the next 36 hours I found out both rumors were false. Both Severino and Radke will be on the sidelines for their respective teams in 2014 which is what I thought when I got the original texts.

Those were just the first of what I am sure will be many rumors over the next few months. Let the silly season for high school coaches begin.