Sideline Pass: Jim Bradford 11/21

Jim Bradford

By Jim Bradford PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: November 21, 2013 - 8:15 PM

When Scott Wright had a chance to catch his breath after his Blue Valley West team had just won their regular-season finale at Blue Valley, he had a feeling that one of those two teams would be playing in late November.
He just wasn’t quite sure if it would be his team.
“To be honest, I was more sure that they would be there (in the state semifinals),” Wright said. “We still had some things to figure out. We needed to get the teams together, sort of regroup.
“We did and have given ourselves an opportunity.”
The Jags have that opportunity thanks to a convincing Class 5A sectional win over Bishop Miege.
Now, Wright’s team gets a chance to advance to the state championship game if they can continue to play the way they have played over the last five weeks.
And they get a chance to show that the comeback win over Blue Valley in week 9 wasn’t a fluke. Trailing by 11 points in the second half, the Jags won on a last-second field goal and have been continuing to build momentum.
At the same time, Blue Valley has been bit by the turnover bug several times this year and it has cost them dearly.
Were it not for a couple of games when ball security was a huge issue, they would be heading into this week’s Class 5A sub-state final with a 10-1 record, and the only thing standing between them and an undefeated season would be a three-point loss to Blue Valley Northwest. OK, that might be pushing it, but the Tigers did hand Bishop Miege a game in week 2 when you couldn’t count the Tiger turnovers on one hand in losing by nine.
That week 9 game with West was in hand before they let the Jags back into the game by dropping the ball on the turf.
If the Tigers can hold onto the ball, they are tough to beat. Really tough. And, they just might find themselves back in the state title game.
If the Jags can continue to play the way they did last week in an impressive 38-24 win at Bishop Miege, they are tough to beat. Rally tough. And, just might find themselves back in the state title game for the first time in a long time.
Ah, the beauty of the rematch. And just three weeks later. Even better.