After Further Review: Cole Young 11/11

Cole Young

By Cole Young PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: November 11, 2013 - 8:04 AM

As I stood on the sidelines of the field at Cass-Midway on Wednesday night, trying to stay warm, one glove on, the other free to keep stats, I thought back to how long ago it seems since the season kicked off.
Every year we are all shocked that it’s the midway point of the season almost immediately, but the 100 degree days that caused start times to be pushed back during the first week of the season suddenly seem a long way away.
Now we watch as round by round, half the field of teams is eliminated. And while that’s sad for team’s ending their seasons, the playoffs provide a great opportunity for football fans that want to soak up as much football as they can before the season ends.
Counting the small class Kansas and Missouri playoffs that started last Tuesday, there’s nine days of high school football to be played before the state championships begin.
As much as people love or hate the Missouri playoff system, as we head into Monday’s sectionals, we finally reach what I consider the real playoffs.
No more 41-0, 85-15 or 84-6 games, yes two teams have dropped 80 in playoff games this season. At least let’s hope the games with 70-plus point spreads are over.
Instead, we get to start witnessing some of the magic of the postseason. One or two big wins and things can start getting memorable.
There are times like 2006 when the Hogan Prep Rams found themselves in the Class 2 title game, marking the first inner city school to make the championship in decades.
Other years it is squads like Harrisonville that during its prime would bring a thousand or more fans on the road on their way to championship after championship.
Maybe my favorite part of the postseason though is watching the small towns rally around their teams and they watch their dreams of getting to the dome become a lot more serious.
Suddenly the stands aren’t just one color, but become dotted with the colors of all the letterman’s jackets of their conference rivals who have shown up in support of the neighboring schools.
As the final weeks of the 2013 season wind down it will be fun to watch which teams can achieve the status that leaves future teams hoping to repeat their feats and which squads head to basketball season with revenge on their minds.