Coach's Corner: Tim Crone 7/14

Tim Crone

By Tim Crone
Posted: July 14, 2010 - 10:08 AM

The Coach’s Corner is a place where several area coaches will give their views on the state of coaching at the high school level.


A summer dead period has been a hot topic in both Missouri and Kansas high schools. Twenty years ago the phrase “dead period” was never used in relation to high school athletics. Now the Activities Associations of both states have standard rules to govern all sports, particularly during the summer months.


High school football teams are now built in the summer months. High school programs all now participate in seven-on-seven leagues as well as summer and team camps at colleges and universities.


During the summer months all Missouri teams (in all sports) must disclose the number of contact days with student athletes. In addition, this year Missouri schools must also declare to the state association which week will be designated as a dead period for all sports. The dead period shall consist of no contact between coaches and players. This rule does allow everyone involved to get a breath of fresh air.


I am probably a total hypocrite as I remember well when coaches Sam Brown, Wayne McGinnis and many others began the summer seven-on-seven leagues and tournaments. By the time I left coaching the programs were competing in these tournaments every weekend and travelled all over the country to do so.


The summer weight program was four days a week. Along with the summer workouts we usually had one week of team camp, a week of lineman or quarterback/wide receiver camp. It was non-stop until Aug. 1. We would usually have one week in August to get away on vacations. My daughters grew up with the first week of August etched in their brains as family vacation it was a rule.


Now retired and hopefully older and wiser, I think it is important for high school athletes to have a dead period. At 39 I would have argued against the dead period, at 59 I now think it’s a must. Time put into a sport is important but the quality of that time is they key to success. My advice to high school athletes is to take advantage of the much needed time off and do something other than practice your sport.


The late great John Wooden once stated, “Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”


Tim Crone is the former head football coach and activities director from Blue Springs High School.