View From the Press Box: Dion Clisso 7/7

Dion Clisso

By Dion Clisso
Posted: July 7, 2010 - 6:53 PM

These days football games aren’t just won in September and October, they are won in the summer. With weights, camps, 7-on-7 and conditioning there is an activity almost every day.

It would be very easy for a coach or school to have something scheduled for players every single day of the summer in preparation for the upcoming season. Even though it is easy to say a coach would be the ones pushing players, these days the players are as motivated to work even when there is state mandated time away.

Both Missouri and Kansas have rules that limit summer contact and put in some kind of dead period for summer practice where there are no activities. That’s great that the rule is there but many players are still getting their work in even though there aren’t any organized team activities.

The rules are in place to protect players from coaches who might overwork a team during the summer. Even with the rules you can’t stop athletes from wanting to get better. Blue Springs is currently taking its dead period around the Fourth of July holiday but that won’t keep senior receiver Jordan Nubine from working to get better.

“We have that week off, so I plan on working hard during that week even though we are off,” Nubine said. “I’m going to go to a couple of camps and then go to our July camp and be ready.”

So Nubine gets time off from the Blue Springs coaching staff but he is searching out camps to make himself better. While Nubine would have seemed crazy a few years ago he is just one of hundreds of players doing the same thing this summer. The game has exploded and the work in camps and offseason programs is just the beginning.

Lansing’s Parker Gibson said his team has had high numbers during the summer to get ready for the season.

“We’ve been working hard in the weight room and coming to 7-on-7 in the summer so it’s been good,” Gibson said. “It’s pretty exciting. Everybody’s ready to go and working hard out here. We’re trying our best and giving it everything we’ve got.”

Go out and catch some summer workouts and you will probably see the players who will be making big impacts when the season starts this fall.

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