Through the Uprights: Adam Sullivan 9/25

Adam Sullivan

By Adam Sullivan PrepsKC staff writer
Posted: September 26, 2013 - 5:45 AM

If you’re anything like me you’ve often pondered the question what if around high school football.
What if Olathe North and Rockhurst could go head to head, what if Shawnee Mission West and Blue Springs could face off, what if a sunflower league school took on Hutchinson in the regular season as a possible state championship game preview?
Well these what ifs may become a reality very soon. Last week the Sunflower League voted to split its football scheduling into divisions or pods starting with the next scheduling cycle in 2014
How the divisions would be split is TBD, but it’s sounding like one division will have three Shawnee Mission schools, two of the Olathe schools, and one of the remaining three (Lawrence, Lawrence Free State, and Leavenworth).
The other division would have the remaining Shawnee Mission and Olathe schools along with two of these three (Lawrence, Free State, Leavenworth). The schedules would then be five games against division foes, three district games, and one non-conference game.
I think this would be a great option for not only the Sunflower league but for the state of Kansas as a whole. We’ve all seen what the publicity can do for your high school team playing big name games against unfamiliar teams.
Rockhurst frequently travels outside the state of Missouri to face top competition and build new rivalries with schools hundreds of miles away (Hutchinson). Also think of the experiences these players would get. How cool would it be as a 14-18-year old taking a long bus ride to another state to play against a school you’ve never seen before.
For coaches it’d be a true test of talent. We’ve often heard the saying “to be the best you have to beat the best” this option would allow coaches to square up with other top coaches around.
I mean who wouldn’t want to see Gene Wier have a chess match with Tony Severino or Jeff Meyers and Kelly Donohoe?
For up and coming coaches like Ryan Lonergan it’d be a chance to make a name for yourself and your school. He’d have a chance to take Shawnee Mission South to places like Staley, Fort Osage, and Lee’s Summit West and pull off a few big time upsets.
Last it would help us figure out which side of the state line truly has more talent on the gridiron. Letting the big boys from 6A square off with big programs in Missouri would allow for metro bragging rights. Usually I’m not one for change but in this instance I truly think it benefits everyone involved.