Coach's Corner: Jeff Floyd 8/18

Jeff Floyd

By Jeff Floyd Former Truman High School Head Coach
Posted: August 18, 2013 - 11:51 AM

As coaches, we wear so many “hats” during a typical day that we could open a millenary.  
Teacher – This should go without saying. Every time we introduce a new play, concept, technique or fundamental, we don the teacher “hat.” To be a good coach, you must be a good teacher (see post Coach=Teacher).
Psychologist – When was the last time you repaired the fragile ego of a 15-year-old student-athlete? How often do your players come to you for help or advice with their problems?
Motivator – You have to figure out the individual “hot buttons” of your athletes and need to understand the collective state of your team. An expert motivator will know when and how to push these buttons to get the most out of your individual players and your collective team.
Parent – How often do you reinforce (or introduce) concepts that typically are done by a parent or parents… character, hard work, honesty, compassion, empathy? When was the last time a student came to you because they were hungry, or couldn’t afford to attend camp, or cleats, or clothes? It happens.
Administrator/ Guidance Counselor – You keep track of your student-athletes academic progress, and know exactly what their Core GPA, ACT/SAT test score, and know all the classes they are doing well, or are struggling in. You talk to your athletes about the importance of grades, and conduct at school more than ANY other adult does, with the possible exception of their parent/ parents (see above).
Tactician – Each week you have to come up with a plan to put your athletes in the best position to have success. It can be an incredibly extensive process (see post - Defensive Game Planning).
Orator – You speak to large groups daily – to your athletes, at assemblies, at civic functions, to parents, and to colleagues.
AV/ Technology Geek – You know all the intricacies of uploading, ODK-ing, editing, and exporting video to Hudl. Intercutting a game video with two camera angles in a matter of minutes is no problem. You can telestrate, make a screen recording (see post – Making a Screen Recording), and post video to your website to help your players learn.  Highlights to YouTube – piece of cake.
College Liaison – You probably have a relation with more college reps than anyone else at your school.
And there are more…. so many “hats” – so little time.
Here is the thing. Every coach has skills… “hats” that they are more comfortable wearing. Great coaches are comfortable wearing all the “hats”… really beyond comfortable… they wear each “hat” with flair.
The more “hats” (skills) that you are comfortable with and good at… the better coach you will be. Which of the “hats” that you wear is the most uncomfortable for you? Improving that skill will quickly improve you as a coach (see post – Get Uncomfortable).
After all, that is the approach we use with our players and team, isn’t it?  Improve the weak part of your game, or team. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.
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