Sideline Pass: Jim Bradford 7/23

Jim Bradford

By Jim Bradford PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: July 23, 2013 - 1:16 PM

The start of the 2013 season is only a couple of weeks away for the folks in Missouri and about a week longer if you live on the Kansas side.
Either way, we are well under a month from the start of football practice – no matter where you live.
And you know what that means, don’t you? When football practice begins, football games are not too far behind.
Summer weights are over. The 7-on-7 season is done. Now it’s time to pick up the shoulder pads, helmet and the rest of the pads and get ready to play for real. No more “what ifs” and “hope sos.” Now, it’s time for tangible results.
That might be the best part of August – the fact that we start to get the answers. Real answers. It’s more than trying to look into a crystal ball. It’s about seeing the results of the work that has taken place since November of 2012.
Did the offseason conditioning programs work? Did the summer weights get those last few players around the corner? Did the endless hours of 7-on-7 leagues and tournaments pay nice, tidy dividends?
We can sit around all spring and summer asking ourselves what might happen, but now that August is dawning and the first week of the season is just five weeks away, the truth comes out.
And we also get a chance to see those new faces in new places. No, no, no. Not transfers. You know what I mean. The new faces on the sidelines.
It will be strange to see Greg Webb at Truman, Kevin Kopecky at Eudora, Mark Littrell at Leavenworth and – most of all –Chip Sherman at Olathe Northwest. And that’s just a handful of coaching changes. There were plenty more across the metro area.
There will be no shortage of great story lines this year. And definitely no shortage of great football.
Stay tuned, the 2013 season is going to be a good one.
Jim Bradford is a Senior Writer for PrepsKC.