Extra Points: Brian Spano 6/18

Brian Spano

By Brian Spano PrepsKC Senior Writer
Posted: June 18, 2013 - 8:11 AM

I ran into a former co-worker shortly after the Kansas vs. Missouri All-Star Game Thursday night at Lee's Summit North High School. His son was a kicker at Rockhurst High School, and he was fortunate enough to be selected for the All-Star game.
In our brief conversation, he said to me, “Well, we got our fix of high school football tonight.”
I didn't think anything of it at the time, but after reflecting on it later into that evening and on into the next day, I wondered what the All-Star game really was.
The question that I kept coming back to was, “Was it the end of the previous football season, or was it the beginning of the next season?”
The simple answer is that it's the end to the previous season because the players are all graduating seniors from that previous school year. But because the game is played in mid-June, some seven months after the season just completed, and just two-and-a-half months until the next season begins, it started to feel more like the appetizer to the upcoming season.
Then I thought about it even more, and the answer to the burning question is that it can be both. First and foremost, this game is an honor for all those involved to be associated with.
Each player knows this is their last chance to perform on a high school field before moving on to the next level. The coaches know how important it is to be selected to lead these individuals for their last high school game.
It brings together a group of special people from all backgrounds, all levels and all areas of the city to experience that Friday night feeling one final time.
For everyone else, the fans, families, students, media and anyone that loves high school football, this game becomes that bridge that takes them from that long layoff that begins in November and ends in August.
So when that former co-worker said, “Well, we got our fix of high school football tonight,” he was right on so many levels. The sleeping bear that has been dormant all winter and spring finally began to stir Thursday on the field at Lee's Summit North High School.
Beginning in late August, Friday nights on high school football fields that bear will be rampaging throughout the metro.
Brian Spano is a Senior Writer for PrepsKC.